HP C9007A, C9050A, IQ2392A compatible cartridge

HP C9007A, C9050A, IQ2392A compatible cartridge

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Compatible Printer Models:
Astrojet IB900, 2800P, 1000, 100P, 500P, 3600P, 2650P, Bryce 9k, 11K, 13K, 22K, 24K, 26K, 30K, Secap SA3100, SA3150, SA3300, SA3350, 26K, 24K, 30K, V250, V300, Walco 350**Aqueous 42ml

IQ2392A, C9007A, C9050A RIQ2392A
Color : Black

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  • Compatible products are made with quality New & Recycled components in ISO9001/14001 certified factories
  • Compatible products have a 1 year performance guarantee
  • Genuine/OEM Products have a one year manufacturer warranty